Weird Rants and Dreams

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These two fuckin’ sharks, right?

Pissy at each other for got knows what, circling around each other in the ocean.
I’m scared shitless, because I’m in the middle of it.

[And anyone who knows me, knows I am terrified of oceans, let alone EPIC SHARK BATTLES.

It was a dream. Disappoint. It was so cool. SO VIVID.
Apparently I woke up, looked at my phone, and realized I had a BITCHIN’ app up, and that was influencing the whole shark thing I was dreaming about.
I opened it on accident in my sleep, by rolling over my phone, or something.

Get up, go to work. This part is kind of fuzzy.
Chick-fil-a was in some sort of amphitheatre.
It was basically the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in VA Beach, combined with Jefferson Patterson park, and the Chick-Fil-A we have now.
Having a HUGE celebration.

For some reason, we were dispensing the milkshake mix out of the lemonade machine, but someone didn’t clean it out right and it was all pulpy. =[ [extra gross]
No idea what we were keeping the lemonade in? [fuck it. lemonade is gross]
The drinks and headset area were off by themselves, sort of, and headset was in a little cove.
There was the corner we have now, right, but it was bigger, and it had a wall going through the middle, that stopped partway through so you could walk around it, which created the headset cove, and drinks were along that random middle wall.
Eventually I was told by [Co-worker] who was on headset, to go see if there were cups in the mens room, which apparently had storage, because there were somehow none up front. [sanitation?]

The mens room was in the far building of the amphitheatre.
As I’m waiting for all the men to clear out of the bathroom, I run into my dad, and some of his work friends, among other people.

A bunch of dudes asked me to get them ice cream but I was annoyed because A) It was in a different building,
and B) They had to pay for it. Fuck that noise. I told them I’d get it for them. Never did. HAH.

There was a lounge IN THE BATHROOM.
The storage there had EVERYTHING. Including fruit, which [Owner] and [Team leader] made me get, too. We carried the fruit in the ice buckets.
Forgot the cups. [oops]

I had a strawberry in my hands that I was going to wash and eat.
For some reason in the mens bathroom there was also a cash register???
[team leader] told me I should try Jack Daniels on my strawberry. Wtf.
Then she bought some for me? O_o Right in front of [owner]THEN I had to bring the fruit out to the field part of chick-fil-a, up a freaking hill, way off in nowhere.
I get there, and [Co-worker] joked that I lived there, since I was there all the time.

No idea what happened to fruit and cups at that point, and I guess I was no longer needed on drinks, because I never went back.
At some point, I was running around with balloons around my wrist, because we were celebrating with balloons???
Take one, it’s really windy and I keep almost losing it. Q.Q
I’m walking down a sidewalk that looks A LOT like the road down to [town] Wharf, Just kinda chillin’ with my balloon. [fuck working]
See my mom and step dad walking around?

THEN I go to the actual restaurant part of chick-fil-a, and it looked like a New Years celebration, perhaps, but it was day time.
The whole place looked like a poorly lit bar.
The walls were a dark orangey color, the ceilings were really high, but yet the walls were kind of close together.
There wasn’t much room, surprisingly.
And there was a bar???
I want to sit down and relax, but Morgan Freeman comes up to me and asks me if I can fix his milkshake, because he wanted a cookies and cream only 3/4 of the way full, no whipped cream, but he got a regular cnc shake. MORGAN FREEMAN.

Then he goes back and sits down next to Brad Pitt.
Then I finally got to sit down, and Jared Leto came over and started hitting on me.
Apparently nothing happened between us, because [friend] and I decided to go home. [I’m modest, even in my dreams]
Wtf was she doing there?

We drive into our neighborhood, which is apparently having some sort of bonfire, but behind us a firetruck is coming in.
Something on the side of the road is randomly on fire, and in trying to drive by it, part of my car is set on fire,but we put it out with my windshield wipers, which I apparently also had on the back windshield. [I don’t. Also, safety.]

We get to her house, which for some reason, is waaaaaay back in the neighborhood, and you had to pass some big body of water to get there.
Looked like [local dock with a lighthouse]…
Shits on fire everywhere, but we ignored it? Idk.
I get out and check out my car, since it was on fire, and say something along the lines of “I’m really glad i have back windshield wipers.”

Park. Have to walk up her 1/2 mile long driveway.
[Other manager] is there???
She lives in a HUGE apartment building.
It’s on fire. We ignore that too. [Yep.]

Someone calls me on my cell, I’m guessing, asking where I am. No idea who was phone.
I have to explain to them where Larissa’s apartment building is, because apparently it’s a chain of apartments located all over the county. [Like having more than one McDonalds around.]
Then my phone rang irl, and I woke up.

New job dream

Starts at work. [Chick-Fil-A]
There’s a kid who keeps messing with our heads.
He seems to really hate the honey roasted bbq sauce. Every time we give it to him, the lights go out, and he puts it somewhere else.
I think he’s trying to send a message. [Some horror movie shit?]

He’s terrified of [manager], and runs whenever he comes out.
One day gives me a prescription with the name [random co-worker] on it.
Apparently without this prescription, [random co-worker] will die.
[co-worker] blows it off, but I hold on to it. I think the kid is onto something.
I’m off work, and take the long road home. Stop by the pharmacy. Get prescription filled.

For some reason I end up in some kind of medical building with my mom, where all they seem to do are x-rays. [And probably charged a shit ton for it, and only took certain insurance companies.]

The building is off in the middle of nowhere. Horrible cell reception, etc.
As I’m sitting there, I find [ex co-workers] chart. Apparently she was pregnant once, but lost the baby at some point??? [Lol, super christian good girl.]

But there were pictures of a 4 year old, so who knows what happened. [MAYBE IT’S A COVER UP AND THE BABY LIVED?]
Then, just as I’m about to leave, I notice one of the nurses name tags.

I run and give her the medicine.
She flips out SO HAPPY. She’s going to live.
What the hell just happened?

Then she tries to share with everyone, and no one takes it.
Another doctor explains it to me.
Apparently the x-rays and the location caused horrible radiation, which caused mass depression amongst the doctors.
They had all taken something to kill themselves slowly, and the pills I was given counteracted it.
Then all the other doctors started puking their brains out after refusing the pills, and they all died around me.
Woke up with and odd feeling of pills in my throat.

Wtf have I been smoking?

Really old derpy dream.

At some friends house. Her mom tried to insult me, by calling my a buddhist. I lost it, and threw a chair at her. [Problem solving]

Some ceremony was taking place because of my parents divorce, and it was being done in like, an abandoned underground place? [They’ve only been divorced for like, 17 years.]

I started to walk in, but had a panic attack and had to leave. [Deathly afraid of being underground, btw.] Apparently I had a step brother I never knew about, but now they’re divorcing so we’re no longer related. He felt awkward so I told him to come stand by me.

He was cute, but made passing mention of having a boyfriend. Lawl.
Then, [friend I haven’t talked to in years] died. Everyone flipped out, including me.
I walked around crying all the time, and wouldn’t wear anything that wasn’t black for days. So did most of the town.

[Annoying self righteous acquaintance] tried to cheer me up, insisting I was part of the “Original Gang.” [I’m actually not?] He bought me a honey bun.
I don’t like honey buns…

Then [guy I had a crush on at the time] showed up to comfort me, through this projection thing? Where you can see, and feel and smell, etc everything
that’s going on somewhere, without actually being there? We cuddled forever and ever, before he started to get handsy. [LOL. NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. He was very innocent and had no interest in me.] And then I broke it off, and told him I’d be at his place momentarily, so we could finish this in person.

For some reason, [co-worker at the time] went along for the ride, I guess I was dropping her off somewhere? She was rooting for me, though.
Never made it to the smexxing. My mom woke me up.

Cross between Pokemon and Minecraft.

You could keep your pokemon in chests. Move them around in your inventory. There was a pokemon in my inventory that looked like a turtle. Disappointed. It was just a turtle. =[ 

House was haunted. Ghosts and shit.

Something about the Nova, [‘78 Nova. My man’s baller ass car.] [Boyfriend] blew it up protecting us or something. [NOOOOO.] We had to take my car to take [Childhood dog] [Although it looked like boyfriend’s current dog] to the vet. Sores EVERYWHERE. NASTY ones. Get there. See my siblings out to dinner with their ‘new mom’ [How does one gain a new mother?] [sister] is normal, [brother] is normal, then there’s one younger than [brother], probably 1-ish, that is mentally challenged. Woke up crying because I love them so much, and miss them and shit. [Random?]

The guys from Inbetweeners and I are on an adventure.

I fell in love with some guy over the internet. All of a sudden he stops talking to me. We drive across country to make sure he is okay. We go to what looks like a craft store, but the whole building is filled with little crafty things he made for me. My name is on a bunch of them, a couple have my picture, etc. It’s like a fucking shrine. But he is not there. Go in the back and talk to the employees. They don’t believe it’s me, I have to prove it. Turns out one of the employees is him in disguise. He cries, we hug, etc. Then suddenly! We have to rescue… someone? The reason we were able to find the guy I loved was because of this dragon guy. He pretends to not know shit. We end up breaking in, and it turns out we have to go underground [which was somehow under a giant bed] and fight dragons and shit. It took us a long time to figure that out, though. The only clues we had were old love notes between me and my lover. This shit was personal apparently. Jay apparently has these super dragon powers, but my lover doesn’t want to let him help. He says in the prophecy the dragon who does this comes back and gets tattoos and gets laid and turns evil. [what] I tell him, I’ll fuck him if he helps us. Then [boyfriend] wakes me up just as we’re about to descend. =[


At my old high school, the tech center and side parking lot are not there.

 There is a big field and a pool where the trailers are. [Boyfriend] and I go swimming, [My school didn’t even have a pool.] get out with a towel that barely covers me. Topless for some reason. Go over to senior section of the field. [What is this.] [Friend] asks me for someones passcode, as everyone student needs one to get into the stadium. [Where does my brain come up with this shit?] Someone hit a bees nest. They all come after me. Woke up hopped up on adrenaline.


[Friend] in my dream last night again.

It was Christmas Eve and your family asked [boyfriend] and I to watch/feed all of her pets, most of which were exotic and deadly. It was kind of crazy. At one point she  asked me when I was going to go back to my house for a while, and I was like OH YEAH, I FORGOT IT’S CHRISTMAS.

I hate every image and group, etc. that says “Only 90’s kids will get this.” For one, the parents will remember a lot of it, and two, that’s like saying only 50’s kids remember I Love Lucy. It already happened. Events of time are not exclusive to the knowledge of those that experienced it.

It just drives me crazy how elitist 90’s kids are now, especially considering most of the people posting this stuff are still kids because they were born in ‘96. You don’t have to understand why we did things the way we used to, to know that we did it. I don’t understand poodle skirts, or tie dye, or spandex, but I know that it was popular.

And honestly, what’s so cool about Gigapets and denim jumpers? Even in the 90’s I thought that shit was ridiculous.

I’ll be taking “Try to make a living in this economy without a college education and ten years of experience.” It’s kind of a basic class, intended for all 20 year olds. It’s required for me “My parents want me to be more of an adult, but the job market thinks I’m a child” major.

Yeah, I was going to major in “Fuck you mom, I’m moving out” but then I found out if I took a few more classes I could get a dual degree. I already had all the credits from when I took classes in “All my friends are going to college, but I’m not good at school, and the school system doesn’t care.” back in high school.

I’m glad you got to take that class in high school, “My parents care more than to just give me pills and pretend they’re working.” It looked like a really enlightening class.